Who I Am?

The name’s Apex (not really, my parents weren’t that cruel). This newsletter is just a place for me to share my thoughts, my beliefs, my theories, etc. Some of these posts will be well-formed and thorough; others will be the equivalent of random brainstorming, throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks

If you’re asking where my ideological allegiances lie, I am not sure at the moment. I have historically associated myself with the Left but no longer feel comfortable calling myself a Leftist. I also am unsure the Right is a proper home for me. If there is a single position I can speak to with certainty, it is that Liberalism is incoherent and needs to be tossed away. If that makes me a “post-Liberal”, so be it. I no longer see much use for labels. Call me whatever you would like.

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Honestly I cannot in good conscience put the thoughts of a 23 year old behind a paywall . I have a job, I do this in my spare time. If it were to become a big thing, then maybe I rethink this. But this is my stance for now.

I may start one of those “buy me a coffee” pages if people express interest in small donations. Otherwise, enjoy the content my friends.

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