A Prelude

Moving from Medium? Maybe...

It’s been a rough year in terms of maintaining an online presence. Twitter and Wordpress actively worked against me. Telegram lacks discoverability and Medium is tough. But I’m trying out new ventures.

I will be dual posting on here and my Medium blog (https://medium.com/@apexaporian) for the foreseeable future. If this newsletter blows up and I make decent money on it, I will just move over here full time (or will just have paid-only posts, etc. IDK. Everything is free for now.)

Looking at publishing some pieces on present political convos (my post on polling should be out tomorrow night/Wednesday morning) as well as explaining my “big ideas” in a more straightforward and less convoluted manner (ex: https://medium.com/@apexaporian/the-political-economy-series-1ded698cd701)

Plan is to post every other day at least. Maybe daily when I have the time and a little less frequently when I’m super busy. But for now, this is the plan.

Hope to have some cool convos and talk about some ideas.