It's Time for Conservative Environmentalism

Iced Coffee Sl*t Environmentalism and its Consequences Have Been a Disaster for the Human Race.

Conservatives handed over the Environmentalist movement to the Left in an absolutely disastrous move, because they valued the economy to a greater extent. It’s as simple as that. The fear being that regulations to preserve the environment would have negative impacts on the economy:

Of course, this is likely due to the fact that the GOP (and most media organs of the “conservative” movement) are owned by corporate oligarchs who propagandize the people to reject regulations that would decrease profit margins (even if they likely would improve the lives of individuals). They appeal to some nonsensical idea of “freedom”, as if letting corporations pollute your local rivers is somehow more freeing than having the government tell them to stop being little sh*ts.

In fact, conservatives are frequently the ones most in touch with actual nature and willing to conserve it, unlike the Iced Coffee Sl*t Environmentalists who consume so much useless crap that they would’ve polluted less by having 10 kids in the countryside and use environmentalism as a performative method to alleviate their guilt and tell the world they’re a Good Person.

Ultimately, conservatism needs to toss off the vulgar productivism of its corporate masters and embrace a love of beauty, heritage, and nature. It is time to embrace Teddy Roosevelt, not Ronald Reagan.

Not only will such a move lead to a healthier conservative movement, but it will also win over a huge swath of youth voters. Conservatives need to work to undermine the Left’s monopoly on climate change issues, and present even more interesting and thoughtful ideas. This may require undermining free market ideology amongst the Right, but I think the energy for that is rising.

What Can I, a Single Person, Do?

I have discussed building local institutions before and conservative environmentalist groups would be a huge benefit. They don’t need to be (and probably shouldn’t be) explicitly ideological or religious, but starting an organization that works to plant trees, beautify neighborhoods, etc. is the exact kind of local organization that I have discussed is capable of withstanding the onslaught of Blue Empire.

Ideally, these organizations would need to begin with a group of like-minded conservatives. You want an organization that doesn’t have an *explicit* ideological allegiance, but absolutely has a dominant ideology amongst its members. Social pressure, especially towards young people, would be huge in recapturing the youth vote. And conservatives desperately need the youth vote back (and whose allegiance to the Left is only a fairly recent phenomenon).

Furthermore, if you would like to get involved with pre-existing organizations, ConservAmerica and the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Project present options.