"Owning the Libs" while the Libs Own You

Rhetorical Victory =/= Material Victory

Apparently We Still Need a Reminder

Apologies that this post is more of a rant, but I am frustrated and cannot believe this still needs to be said in 2020:

A rhetorical victory is NOT a material victory.

Your memes mean nothing as your colleagues get fired for wrongthink and your friends get censored for expressing something Blue Empire doesn’t like. Your attempts at shaming for hypocrisy or appealing to some kind of “norms” are completely useless. Nobody cares.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Enough of “norm respecting”. Norms are established by Power to keep you in line. The Blue empire seethes when you refuse to play its game, because it loses leverage.

You want to defeat Blue Empire? Start focusing on what really matters: their paychecks. Someone says something cruel or violent on twitter towards your side? Organize your followers to call their employer, contact the companies that advertise on their podcast, make your disdain known.

As Taleb puts it: “The Most Intolerant Wins”.

It suffices for an intransigent minority –a certain type of intransigent minorities –to reach a minutely small level, say three or four percent of the total population, for the entire population to have to submit to their preferences.

YOU MUST ORGANIZE. Any individual with more than 10k followers who fails to do this has utterly failed in their duty to do so, and really it comes down to all of us to take part.

A Case Study: THE CAUCASITY!!!!!

Just under a week ago, a Blue Check had an absurd meltdown:

And guess what? GUESS WHAT F*CKING HAPPENED? The store got evicted.

And in the midst of this, what did conservatives do? What did the so-called defenders of populism do?


Absolutely nothing.

Oh, they tutted and whined about hypocrisy and they pulled out the “I’ll do whatever I want. HA! Lib owned!” BS

Walsh and Schlichter don’t seem to grasp that this doesn’t matter to these Blue Checks.

[The Blue Check] doesn't give a flying f*ck about your dumb bet or your dumb plan to make chinese food lmao. Maybe if you mobilized your massive audiences to pressure people in her professional network, that might create a disincentive for this sociopathic behavior in the future.

And then you get other “thought leaders” (lmao) whining about linguistic controversies. WHY CANT EVERYONE JUST BE NICE, WAHHHHH

These people are idiots. Yes, Walsh and Sommers and the rest. Idiots. If they cannot see what is right in front of them and how to properly react to it, if they are too naive to grasp how Blue Empire operates, they are not only worthless in terms of opposing it, but play the unwitting role of controlled opposition. Ignore them. Pay them no mind.

Maybe these “conservatives” don’t want to fight back because they like being persecuted. Maybe it gives them a sense of moral superiority they use to fill the empty void in their hearts and souls. Maybe they’re just hopelessly naive. Maybe they were dropped on their head as a child, repeatedly. Don’t know, doesn’t matter. They are useless.

You want to oppose Blue Empire? Dunking on people on Twitter does literally nothing. Nothing at all. It is the equivalent of an impotent protest. It makes you feel good. It changes nothing. You have descended to the level of a common lib. Congratulations.

It is time to organize. No longer will we tolerate allowing blue checks to rule over small business tyrannically and destroy the livelihoods of average Americans who have done nothing wrong besides hurt the feelings of someone who understands how organization works.

It is time to oppose Blue Empire on real, material grounds. We must organize and build institutions. In this, you are either on board, or you are an obstacle. Time to choose.